Make The Logo Design A Talking Point

As a marketer, you work towards building a brand in the market. Interestingly, many of you presume logo as your brand. Though a logo is what people visually connect to as a brand, the reality is that a brand is a set of perceptions that people carry around a product in their heads and hearts. However, taking a clue from here, it is palpably understood that your logo design plays a crucial role in establishing a brand in a market or the markets around the world.

With the internet revolution worldwide, you are no longer a regional player. It means the whole world can be your market provided you know how to go about it. Thus, designing a logo for your business and getting it registered with the appropriate authorities first in your market is very important.

Key areas of logo design:

  • Hand drawn logos: You should always insist on the hand drawn logos as those usher to a unique advantage. Having said that, we mean, no two logos will be identical if drawn in hand. As a matter of fact, repeated drawings here will become pregnant with new concepts, ideas, and creativity that are simply priceless befitting your business and its long-term interest.   
  • Innovation: Your logo must be innovative. Having said that, we mean, your logo must not suffer from boredom. An innovative logo arouses inquisitiveness. Thus, your customers and the masses can easily connect with you. After all, an innovative logo stands out in the crowd and at the same time, people perceive such a company unique. Therefore, there would always be an initial madness towards you and how you keep that interest billowing in favour of your business is a strategic thinking that you should do with your brand marketing team.    
  • Relevance to business: Never accept a logo design that is too abstract and bears no resemblance to your business activity. In other words, the design of your logo in some ways must be expressive of your business so that people can easily connect to you. For example, if your logo is about the Digital Embroidery Business then take a look at the logo of some of the most successful brands around the world, you will realize the underlying truth here for sure.       
  • Custom design: You may have an unconventional business that involves New Age technology like legacy protection. Your Custom Design must be designed in a way that helps people to pause and think.
  • Colour combinations used: Colours used in logos bear unique connotations. Having said that, we mean, every colour has its own characteristic. For instance, the colour red means hot or vibrant while green colour represents freshness. Therefore, use colours in a very thought provoking way that connects well with your business.

On the whole, your logo must be able to get noticed. To do this, you are to create a masterpiece here befitting the business and the work culture of an organisation. Keeping the logo design simple, you can achieve many feats and it is one of the most popular concepts of designing logos today.

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