MilesWeb Review : Guidelines To Choose Best Web Hosting In UK

Once you decide to take your business on the online platform, the first thing you need to decide is the web hosting provider. We have got so many options in the UK, but selecting the best one from them can get a bit confusing at times. So, to choose the best web hosting in the UK or in any other country, you need to have some basic knowledge about web hosting. In this article we will see guidelines, that will help you to make the best choice for a web hosting provider.

If you want to start an online business, or already have a freelance business, then you must know that choosing the reputed platform can improve your business performance. Taking business on an online platform has become necessary in this digital era. Web hosting is the base of your website, if the foundation is weak then the whole website can fall like a bridge of cards. So, let’s see the guidelines on how to choose the proper hosting platform. To understand it first you must know the different types of web hosting.

Here’s brief information about each web hosting type that you need to select while buying hosting :

Shared Hosting 

In shared hosting, several customers share the same server’s resources, which means on one server multiple websites are stored. I think shared hosting is the best choice for startups and blogs. The cost is also very low as compared to other web hosting types. I won’t suggest a bulky or heavy site to host on shared hosting as it may not supply the resources required to such sites. This may result in slowing down the performance of a site due to heavy traffic jams of visitors. But if you choose unlimited web hosting then a blog or new website can easily get hosted on this type of shared hosting.¬†

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a perfect choice for agencies and freelancers who want to start their own web hosting company. It creates a new individual hosting account that enables you to make recurring revenue and maintain long-term relationships with your customers. That means, in reseller hosting, you can buy hosting from the merchant and sell it to your customers under your brand name and price. 

VPS Hosting

In case you already have shared hosting and still face some issues with website speed and performance then the possibility is it is due to the lack of resources. In such case, you need to upgrade the plan and VPS hosting is best solution to it. Also, if you don’t want to change and upgrade the plan frequently then you can choose VPS hosting right from the beginning. It provides you separate resources in the shared server environment, so that website doesn’t lack in performance.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides complete access to servers and hardware resources. It can be an expensive option but also guarantees strong protection from website hacking. As in dedicated hosting, a website gets a dedicated server and resources there’s no sharing at all, which maintains a higher level of stability and efficient power. You get complete control over the server and can enjoy the flexibility. MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting comprises high-performing bare metal dedicated servers for a single tenant.

What can you expect from the best web hosting provider?

Before selecting any web hosting provider, you first need to identify your web hosting requirements. Consider the things that are required to create a website in order to reach your audience. Below are a few factors that you can consider while selecting one of a kind hosting provider.

Important factors of web hosting are :

Storage Space –

The amount and type of storage space should be adequate. MilesWeb provides pure SSD storage for all websites with unlimited access.

Bandwidth –

Bandwidth defines the amount of data that your hosts will transmit over the computer. Unlimited bandwidth takes care of the data transfer over large distances.

Support –

Make sure that the hosting provider offers 24/7 customer support like MilesWeb.

Uptime –

Uptime decides the percentage of time that your website remains accessible over the internet. Whenever visitors land on your website the site should be easily accessed from any location. The ideal uptime is 99%, but MilesWeb offers a genuine of 99.95% uptime.

Security –

MilesWeb security team takes the responsibility of protecting a website from all types of malware. They scan servers on a daily basis and even if any malware gets dedicated, they fix it immediately. It also offers a free SSL certificate, web application installer, Firewall, backup options, SpamExperts and so much more.

Are you still looking for free web hosting options?

Avoid using free web hosting as soon as possible. It is just a trick to get customers attracted and fall into the trap. There’s nothing like free hosting, at the start you may get free shared hosting but later the charges are very high for each feature. Also, there is no security so, avoid free hosting