Top Digital Marketing Trends That Have Taken Hold In 2020!

2020 so far has proved to be a troublesome year but thanks to the internet and digital marketers, businesses of all sizes and categories, have been able to hold on and continue with their daily operations.

This has also been possible thanks to yearly trends that digital marketing experts such as the ones associated with follow diligently

So what are the trends for this year that have taken a firm hold!?

Well, they are as follows – 

Voice search has finally become the new norm

As predicted by internet marketing gurus, voice search has picked up the pace with the onset of 2020. As per research data, these days, more than half of daily search queries coming from users all over the world are voice-based.

The large-scale adoption of smart devices across homes and places of business is the reason behind it all. Some of the popular connected or smart devices are Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa.

These smart devices or rather speakers are not only beneficial for end-users. The data gathered from these devices is being actively used by internet marketers to alter the online content of businesses and brands, in a bid to lure more traffic for a company thereby increasing its conversion rates.

Email marketing has become more interactive and all-inclusive

Email marketing was and always will be one of the most effective as well as efficient digital marketing tools. This year, thanks to initiatives taken by internet giants like Google, emails will not only become more engaging and all-inclusive but will also show off interactive content, such as – Google AMP for Gmail.

Interactive content within an email interface engages intended customers thus provoking them to take action right from the email. This leaves redirecting pages out of the equation thus shortening the time of conversion for a business or a brand.

Internet marketers, this year is making the use of dynamic content designed for email marketing such as – 

Online/social media posts have become ‘shoppable’

Social media is not only great for an individual to make friends and to connect with an old flame, but social media is also beneficial for businesses that want to deliver its marketing content to its intended as well as unintended (prospect) clients. This is the reason why internet marketers are finally making social media posts ‘shoppable’.

By ‘shoppable’ social media posts, one means that these posts will be in the form of interactive ads that will be shared in stories of brands as well as in the feeds of official company/brand pages.

The intention is simple – to ensure that these posts show up in the feeds of indented TA thus coaxing them to make an impulsive purchase decision or at least lure them into the official website of the company/brand, in question.

Internet and Digital Marketing is essential for a business, irrespective of its age and speciality, to survive in this age. Without it, a business can lose its position as well as its client base in a matter of days, if not hours, to its rivals. Hence, you must ensure your internet marketing team is following the aforementioned trends to keep your business ahead of the curve. For the best results, it is advised that you partner up with a leading internet marketing agency and reap benefits at affordable rates!