What Is Open Multiple URL Tool, How It Works And Its Benefits

There might be times when you need to test various sites simultaneously, and opening each one of them separately could be a waste of time and disappointing. Thus, In this article, we’ll see how to open bulk websites in any browser at a single time so that you can save a ton of time and straightforwardly start and focus on your everyday work. Nowadays there are many web tools available on the web to check multiple URLs in the first go. www.openmultipleurl.com is one of them and is easy to use. Here is the procedure to open multiple URLs in a single go. Just perform the below steps:

  • Simply Just Open multiple URL Tool
  • Add Bulk URLs in the text area
  • Each link must be a separate line
  • Click on the “GO NOW” button and get the result instant
  • All links will start opening separate tabs in a browser
  • It is called open all URLs

These tools are not difficult to utilize and liberate from cost. Also, easily available on the web. Mainly, a Multiple URL opener is very helpful for SEO experts, web data research experts and link builders who need to open hundreds of domains daily. It also helps to enhance productivity and save time. One of the best things about it is that no signup or registration process is required to see the results. You can without much of a stretch open 100 URLs all at once with simply a click of a button.

Benefits of using Open multiple URL

As we all know, opening bulk URLs at one time is a very time-consuming task for busy internet users and those who are working in the field of digital marketing. So, In this case, opening multiple URLs is really very beneficial and helpful to open as many URLs as you want. Here are its benefits:

  • No restrictions on URL opener
  • Open multiple tools can be used in any browser including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari
  • It saves your time
  • It gets more proficiency in your work
  • The tool is absolutely free and easy to use
  • No registration required


Hopefully, This article is helpful to understand the process of opening multiple urls. The URL opener is significant in keeping you on target to complete your cutoff times successfully. Hence, Bulk URL Opener helps you to accomplish the work all the more productively and in a simple way with no hassle.

Happy Clicking!!