Conversion Rate Optimization Under The Spotlight

During the last year or so, conversion rate optimization has become a topic that has been discussed regularly by SEO experts. This is a very positive development because without conversion rate optimization being performed properly a site cannot reach its potential. The implication of this is that it underlines why a site owner should not take independent action with regard to SEO. It requires the skilled usage of SEO tools to do the necessary work on the site for it to attain success.

At we fully appreciate that SEO is in part a technical discipline, and our team is highly competent in this area. There is a lot of creativity in what we do, but at the same time if the technical work was not done to a high standard all our diverse sites would ultimately suffer in terms of sales.

Conversion rate optimization is such a crucial topic that it is often perceived as separate from SEO. However, that approach misses the point in that attention to the conversion rate of a site should be mainstreamed into the regular SEO work which is done on a frequent basis. It can be the case that optimization is derailed if conversion rate optimization is not attended to with sufficient care.

It is usually best if optimization is all set in motion after the SEO plan has been drawn up. The content addition, keyword deployment, and inbound link attraction will tend to be set up early, usually with social media campaigns being launched in parallel. All this activity has to be squarely focused on getting as much of the target audience to the site as possible. Rankings (and their fluctuations) are often a bit of a distraction. Once users are reaching the site in reasonable and increasing numbers, three major things must have been accomplished.

Firstly, the site concerned must be in a good condition to persuade users to stay and to permit them to find what they are looking for. This could be a product or a service, or it might be information. Either way, it is important that the users can have their wants and needs satisfied in a swift manner. It is important that pages have the right prompts and calls to action so that users are never disorientated.

Secondly, as well as looking at the site as a whole it is absolutely vital that the site’s individual pages are given focused attention. This can be a small tip but a professional SEO services company will help to boost your SEO presence. Checking the bounce rates of specific pages is therefore always compulsory; it is handy to know where users are leaving the site. It may be that a page that enables purchasing requires adjustment, for example. It could also be the case that users are not being greeted and directed adequately by the home page.

Thirdly, it makes sense to investigate how users and search engine crawlers are getting about the site. The navigation of the site may just demand some tinkering. Paths of travel need to be clear and so on. If users and search engines can both be satisfied, conversion rate optimization will be successful.