10 Creative Tips For SEO On Baidu

BAIDU Website optimization

We give you 20 keys to perform on Baidu Website optimization. We are a Website optimization organization in China had some expertise in the internet searcher Baidu, and we as of now worked for 200 organizations for their site design improvement for China

BAIDU Search engine optimization

BAIDU Search engine optimization Versus GOOGLE Web optimization

Contrasted and Search engine optimization on Google, Baidu Web optimization is extremely extraordinary and hard. Web optimization on Baidu is for the most part more costly on the grounds that the span of Baidu is longer and the opposition is for the most part more extraordinary than that on Google.

Not very many remote sites prevail with regards to advancing themselves online in China since few organizations have extremely seen how Baidu functions, for example, the effect of Baidu Zhidao arrange (questions/answers) or Tieba (gathering).

OUR Subject matters

We will advance your site in two ways: internal site Search engine optimization and outside Website optimization.

On location Search engine optimization

Title tag

Baidu gives a considerable measure of significance to the title tag

NB: Having an ideal situating on the title tag is sufficient to position even with strange substance.


Baidu offers approach to much significance at the meta tag <meta description> and <meta keyword>.

We follow up on the decision of tag/meta as indicated by the most research catchphrases on Baidu and on the opposition.

Landing page in Chinese

Baidu gives a basic significance to the landing page of a site. You truly need to interface the objective website page to the landing page to show up.

Like for the chinese site, we counsel you to amplify the quantity of connections in the header and the footer.

100% Chinese

Baidu gives a major need to the site 100% in Chinese, and it’s difficult for him to separate a few dialects. A site in Chinese with a landing page in Chinese in the event that you need to show up. It is likewise desirable over increment its trustrank to have a site in “.cn”.

Hardly any sites will get this augmentation since you need to have an organization enlist in China, and there are a very long time of systems to get your “.cn”

We counsel you to have a site in disentangled Chinese, unmistakable from the English variant.

Host in China

To give guests a decent perusing knowledge in China, you must be facilitated locally. Baidu gives a liberal reward to the sites facilitated in China and a punishment to the ones outside China. Rationale? In the event that the administration needs to control the data, it is better on the off chance that he can contact the Web facilitating administration.

It appears rationale however it’s smarter to rehash it, to maintain a strategic distance from the “astonishment”, the substance on your site should remain far from those points Chinese government don’t care for.

Intriguing and quality substance

To expand the quantity of guests, you require fascinating and Search engine optimization neighborly substance for both Baidu and guests. The Chinese web crawler will give a fundamental significance to enormous sites, to sites with a tremendous measure of pages.

OFFSITE Website optimization

Procedure OF BACKLINKS : 80% OF Website optimization WORK IN CHINA

Baidu will put first the sites who has more backlinks

Baidu acknowledges profoundly trustful connections from daily papers or government sites

The grapple connect isn’t so imperative

The URL likewise doesn’t have a considerable measure of significance

The birthplace of connections doesn’t impact a considerable measure

Subsequent to making tests, the Like catch of Baidu (duplicate of Google +) did not impact the Web optimization in China.

We act in the skirmish of the connections procurement which happened regular in the Chinese Web, between a large number of neighborhood organizations and Chinese Website optimization office. We say “no” to spams.

We by and large invest 80% of our energy/spending plan “Off site” to ensure a quality Web optimization on Baidu.

Website design enhancement Organization IN CHINA

WHO IS MAKING THE BAIDU Website design enhancement IN OUR Organization ?

  1. Methodology is right off the bat made by Olivier (You don’t know oliver? click About Us)
  2. Philip (You know where to discover him) will then oversee and take after the task
  3. Our Chinese group will be responsible for the execution

The Base length for Baidu Search engine optimization is a half year of administration. Our cost differs as indicated by the opposition of the watchword, and the work done previously.


The quantity of Chinese Web clients is as yet expanding: 570 millions toward the start of 2013

There exists 242 a great many Chinese Web clients who go shopping on the web (the number expanded around 48 million of every one year)

That 90% of expert purchasers begin their examination on the Web

That there are a couple of outside sites obvious on Baidu

Baidu Website design enhancement expertDO YOU Inquiry An Expert Web optimization Office Concentrated ON BAIDU ?

In the event that you have a genuine task, don’t delay to get in touch with me in the event that you need to discuss it.

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