How Google Adwords Can Help Your Business?

GOOGLE, being the tech giant has not left any stone unturned when it comes to providing the all-possible tools to the businesses to advertise and promote themselves. Google Ads is one such advertising platform where the advertisers bid to list their products, display advertisement, offer services, and many more related to the promotion. The best part is that the advertisements can be placed both in non-search and search websites of Google, different mobile applications, and websites & videos.

Launched in 2000, Google AdWords underwent a series of transformations that enabled businesses to carry out their advertisement flawlessly. Google AdWords was rebranded as Google Ads in 2018. The functioning of Google Ads depends on the functioning of keywords and cookies set by the advertisers. Google strategically places the ads at places in such a way where it is estimated that the business would generate maximum revenue by increasing the footfall. The best part of the campaign is that it can be published both locally and globally.

Who Should Opt for?

After a series of transformations being made since the first introduction in the year 2000, Google Ads has been quite helpful for businesses of all sizes and types. The businesses- small and large- have been able to generate revenue by increasing the footfall of the prospective consumers/customers which earlier seem a daunting task. This is one of the reasons why many businesses and reputed digital marketing agencies consider Google AdWords- a platform worthy to invest in for any business that looks for increasing its sales and market reach. This negates the misconception surrounding the question- Is Google AdWords worst for small & large businesses?

Minimum Budget for Google AdWords

Well, businesses seem more interested in knowing the cost of the AdWord campaign that they would run. It is a rational question with no definite answer. According to the experts, there is no hard and fast rule and hence, no question of a one-size-fits-all type budget. Everything depends because of the presence of variables responsible for the overall costing. The factors impacting the minimum budget of Google AdWords depend on the following variables—

  1. Type of Industry– It is observed that the businesses that are competitive in nature have relatively expensive cost-per-click (CPC). This is mainly because of the efforts to be put in for getting the highly competitive keywords to rank.
  2. The Lifecycle of the Customer– It includes the consumers’ ability to make a decision and transforming it into a purchase. In such cases, the purpose of Google AdWords is to ensure that the business stays on the top of the mind of potential clients. It is often considered that the consumers are fickle-minded and as such, they change their decision quite often. In order to ensure that they remember what has already been there, constantly keeping the site ranked at the top stands essential.
  3. Prevailing Trends– the market is always volatile and the mood of the consumers is unpredictable since it depends on several external factors that either positively or negatively impact the industry or market. With the rising competition amongst the presence of so many companies, it stands important to be a part of the popularity continuously.

There are other variables as well that would define the pricing of the entire campaign. Thus, if someone asks you do you know? What is the minimum budget for Google Ads, then do not be hesitant to say that it completely depends on the variables?

Why Google AdWords?

Till now, there have been numerous talks about the Google Ad campaign. But the question remains the same- whether it is justified to invest money in such campaigns. Well, the task might be a daunting one, but the right approach is surely going to yield the best result or return. The following are some of the top reasons why every business (irrespective of type and genre) can go for a Google AdWords campaign—

  • Works Faster than Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is another one of the marketing strategies that digital marketing companies offer to businesses. But, unlike AdWords campaigns, SEO is slow and take months to years to yield result. According to the experts related to digital marketing agencies, a well-strategized and optimized campaign work faster. The following are the possible reasons—

  1. The digital marketer can focus on more than one keywords at a time
  2. The duration of the campaign can be controlled. In other words, it can be switched on or off as per the requirements.
  3. Ads showing up on the top of SERP are considered reliable and authentic and get immediate attention

This does not mean that SEO is worthless. It has its own benefits in a long term. But in case, if you are looking for instant traffic and conversion, Google AdWords can be the better option.

  • Improves the Awareness about the Brand

According to a survey, companies have been successfully able to enhance awareness about their products and services because of conducting effective AdWords campaigns. Such campaigns not only boost the conversion, clicks, and traffic but also clearly demonstrate to the people about your business.

  • Adds Authenticity

The online platform is completely based on reliance and trust. But, amidst the presence of fraudsters, often people ignore the brands that can be best in services and products. Conducting a Google AdWords campaign can help infuse the trust and reliability of the brand to the people. The reason being the campaigns allow the businesses to show their location in conjugation with Google Places.

In addition to this, it provides a hassle-free platform for prospective consumers to get in touch with the business by enabling contact information. The ad extension that is used, costs nothing, and helps target highly specific searches and customer base.

  • Campaign for All Devices

The websites are responsive nowadays and so are related products. The professionals associated with the digital marketing agencies are making sure that the Google AdWords campaigns that they would be running for the businesses are well-directed for users of mobiles and tabs as well as the number of mobile users is greater than the laptop/desktop users.

In addition to this, the features of customization available have also helped the businesses to decide where the ad campaigns would be seen. It can be changed as per the performers and the availability of niche customers.

  • It is Always About GOOGLE’s Popularity

Often a fact is ignored. It is Google is the most popular search engine and a greater number of people are using Google for finding answers to their queries. This popularity makes Google AdWords one of the best ways to reach out to prospective consumers. It has been a powerful technique for the business to add to the consumer base.


Google AdWords, like SEO help a business to swell in terms of market reach and revenue earning with the only difference being the former, is a quick process. Every business can go for it as per the requirements and purpose. However, amidst all these, one thing that stands essential is to get to know the proper and optimized method. Getting to know how people search would help in increasing effectiveness.