Why Google Analytics Is Important For WordPress

Would you like to include Google Analytics to WordPress and know more regarding your visitors?

Right after launching a blog or website you need to attract visitors. After that, get their attention and finally convert the visitors (fill out a form, for example).

In this article, we’ll make clear why Google Analytics is essential and to include Google Analytics in WordPress.

Google Analytics helps you reach data-based decisions by knowing key statistics. You will be able to answer some crucial questions such as:

Who visits your site?

Source site, which device to use, which screen-resolution, browser, country of origin…

What do visitors do while browsing your blog?

If you have a blog, after people read your post, do they leave or take another look at something that looks interesting to them? In your online store, you have great products but don’t seem to be selling for some reasons. Is something wrong with your user’s buying path?

When do visitors browse your website?

You understand what the best time for your readers is. When they devote themselves to reading that full post you posted a week… And in your store, you see the time that closes the most orders.

How do people find your site?

In Analytics, you find out which are the best sources of traffic. Understanding what led your user to your site is very important for you to improve and make it even easier for them.

With this super important data at hand, you have a chance to do something even more relevant to your audience. Once you find that most of your readers are accessing via mobile, you can improve your reader’s browsing experience.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress with SEOTopTool

The easiest way is by installing a plugin SEOTopTool. It is the best indication for practicality. Just log in to the Google Analytics and the plug-in will integrate automatically.

Additionally, you can check data from the Google Analytics right from the WordPress dashboard. Read more about SEOTopTool at Seotoptool.com.

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