Fix These 5 Things In Your Website Before Proceeding

Having a potential customer online is unlike having a retail customer that walks into your ‘shop’. Nowadays, if a website isn’t able to capture a user’s attention or when users are not able to find what they want within the first 5 seconds, they would leave the site. Therefore, it is essential that a website providers a great user experience for its target audience. In this article, we will discuss the few things that a website has to solve right away in order to retain its target audience.

Site Speed

In 2019, there is an uphill trend of users turning from desktop to mobile, and with the limited screen size, mobile users are getting more and more impatient as they scroll through the World Wide Web to look for the information that they desire. We have all been spoilt by instantaneous responsiveness in our connected world, and so if a website has a slow loading speed, the bounce rate will definitely be high. It is rare that a user would even wait for your site to popular over just choosing another site that loads well and fast. Google has stated in the past that more than half users worldwide will leave a site the moment it takes more than three seconds to load.


Most of the time, users would already know what they are looking for in a website, and thus they would not always need the extra help of popups. Many websites make the mistake of providing too many popups and promotional messages which annoys the users. Having a single pop up is the maximum that one should go, and having more than two pop ups will definitely disrupt the user’s thoughts and user experience, and most of the time it will result in them leaving the site due to them being really annoyed by the whole web experience.


As mentioned, more and more users are actually turning to their mobile phones instead of their desktop to look for information. Thus, if your website is only focused on providing great user experience on desktop, chances are that you might losing a bulk of potential customers. It is important to note that you are not serving two different types of users; one mobile and one desktop, but now, to appeal to your target audience, you would need to optimize on both and focus especially on mobile now that more and more users are turning to their smartphones.

Distracting Animations

Having a really interactive web design services can be a good thing, however if your website isn’t consistent and offers way too much animations, it could really distract your users and disrupt the whole user journey. One should focus on smooth transitions and a consistent layout throughout the whole website. Focus on your call-to-action buttons instead of providing out of the world animations.

All in all, one should seriously focus on all these factors in order to compete in the online space.

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