YouTube Growth – Tips How to Expand Your You Tube Channel

The objective of all kinds of social media marketing efforts is to drive traffic and thereby, increase conversions. As competition and hence, complexities grow, new channels of delivery emerge to take contents to the end subscriber. Success lies in utilizing all the new channels to their full potential; thereby ensuring reach and communication to a wider subscriber base.

YouTube is one such channel, where content delivery through the means of video and audio can play a vital role in social media marketing. Whereas there is no straight formula for making YouTube the preferred channel for social media marketing, we capture below some ideas and understanding that can assist in exponentially growing YouTube audience.

Let the Content Talk

As is typical to any social media marketing initiative, content is king. Content is at the heart of the offering and once an idea is formed about the target audience, content becomes the pivotal engine of the entire marketing efforts. Audio visual content becomes critical in those instances where connect is desired with the target audience; it just becomes easier to convey the message through audio visual means that other established platforms. Videos are easier to grasp and is always more engaging than other channels of communication. The content delivered though video must provoke the viewer to think that ‘he would like to do that’ or that ‘he didn’t know he could do that’ or that ‘he should be doing that’. Either way, the content is successful in generating curiosity in the audience.

Why Audio Visual Platform

The objective of any content is to create some kind of relationship with the end user; either with the originality and presentation of content or through engagement with the end user or at times, both. The internet is vast in terms of breadth and reach; and one tends to lose all kinds of personal touch with the target audience. Videos help in improving the personal engagement quotient; by creating a close relationship between the presenter and his audience. Unlike other videos, YouTube allows the social marketer to know his audience and that alone helps in building audience relationships.

How Audio Visual Platform

How audio visual content is delivered actually makes significant difference in content delivery. Whereas a host of state of the art gadgets can be used to produce and deliver content over video, it is utmost importance to ensure that audio quality is flawless. It is generally accepted that audience, if they find content of their choice will listen to good audio with bad video but will never do the reverse. Because actions alone don’t convey the message; and it is critical to any YouTube marketing content.

YouTube Subscribers and Recommendations

One must strive to grow the YouTube channel; and hence it is critical to upload new videos at regular frequency. The key is to take a subject of contemporary interest and explain it in complete detail in a crisp manner. Such kinds of uploads must happen at least once a week; if not at an increasing frequency. The objective here will be to build a business out of this; and YouTube channel growth will logically follow suit. YouTube allows sending notifications to subscribers once a new content is uploaded. Whereas the delivery notifications depend on final user settings, a decent enough count of subscribers is social proof of the fact that one is a serious player in one’s area of choice and that there is a steady base of followers.


YouTube is one of the most important avenues for delivering content. Here, the social marketer can establish personal connect with the audience as he knows who his audience are. So delivery can be sharp and precise as then it becomes more like interacting with friends.